Hunger Games

This is the latest set of Hunger Games characters I made: 

The story takes place in a dystopian post-apocalyptic future in the nation of Panem, where boys and girls aged 12–18 must participate in the Hunger Games, a televised annual event in which the "tributes" are required to fight to the death until there is one remaining victor. The protagonist, Katniss Everdeen (Lawrence), volunteers to take her younger sister's place in the games. Joined by her district's male tribute Peeta Mellark (Hutcherson), Katniss travels to the Capitol to train for the Hunger Games under the guidance of former victor Haymitch Abernathy (Harrelson).

Effie Trinket — Katniss and Peeta's escort for the games. Effie, as a citizen of the capitol, dresses very oddly and speaks in a distinct capitol accent. She is very proper and constantly worries about keeping things on schedule. She helps Haymitch send sponsor gifts to Katniss and Peeta during the games..

Katniss Everdeen --  The protagonist of the series, Katniss competes in the Hunger Games in each of the first two novels and constantly battles between her feelings for both Peeta and Gale. She becomes the face of the districts' rebellion after she unknowingly defies the Capitol in The Hunger Games. She is sixteen years old at the beginning of the first book, and is normally quiet, independent and fierce. 

Peeta Mellark --  is a baker's son. He's quite charismatic, which helps him in preparation for games. He states in an interview after the Reaping that he has been in love with Katniss since the first day he saw her. His relationship with Katniss grows throughout the novels.

The Hunger Games is a 2008 young adult novel by American writer Suzanne Collins.


  1. These are great. I really like Effie's big lips. :)


  2. oh how adorable - can i say i was disappointed with the film version of Peeta, he was different to how i imagined.

  3. These are too cute! My friend love The Hunger Games. I'm going to show these to her. I know she'll love them!!